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Welcome to WovenStrand Psychotherapy


I'm glad you're here.

Life is often uncomfortable. You may find that the discomfort actually holds wisdom that is purely trying to become known to you. All people hold the power of an ancient intelligence stored within their nervous system that is oriented towards healing and KNOWS how to achieve it. We will discover the barriers that inhibit this natural process to allow your own river of wellness to flow.

My name is Michelle Strandberg and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a master’s in Relationship and Family Therapy. I provide therapy to individuals 18+, intimate partnerships (couples, platonic, monogamous, poly, LGBTQIA+), families made up of adult family members, as well as psychedelic-assisted therapy. 


My therapeutic lens is largely informed by the sciences of connection. These include attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and somatic experiencing. A golden thread that links these sciences is hope. It is possible to move through pain, gain new skills, and embody enduring change.

My approach is to use the webs of relationship we all exist within to uncover the path that is meant for you. We will work to build more safety and trust within your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We will follow the threads of connection to find secure attachment and fulfillment with others. 

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